Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't forget about fiber

I'm just as sick of the word fiber as you are. Fiber feels like just another health buzz word that generally doesn't mean anything to me and I roll my eyes at when I see it in extra large font on the front of every cereal box in the aisle.

I did however recently find out that fiber is important if you cut it out of most of your diet.

I did a five day morning through lunch juice cleanse recently. This seemed like a perfect solution to many common first world problems I was experiencing; I didn't have time to make breakfast or pack a lunch, and I'm kinda chubby right now so I want to lose a few pounds. Add a brand new juicer to those problems and I was 'cleansing' away - right until dinner time and then eating whatever.

Fiber is used to push things along in the digestive track. If you take most of your daily fiber away and are still adding things to the digestive track, things won't move along as quickly and discomfort sets in.

I have since stopped the morning through lunch juice fast.

Hindsight this seems obvious. The point of a fast or cleanse is to give the digestive a break, not just lose a few pounds by skipping meals and eating whatever at the dinner table. I am still a big supporter of the strict juice cleanse and plan on doing a 7 day cleanse after the holidays pass. I just don't possess that kind of self control to complete a cleanse while everyone else is drinking Holly Nog.


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