Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meijer needs to offer BPA free canned goods

As a Michigan resident I am proud of the Michigan based company, Eden Foods, for being a pioneer and leading the industry in BPA (Bisphenol-A) free canned goods. I know I've sang their praises more than once and I'm not trying to raise them up as some sort of golden god, but what they're doing just makes sense. The FDA is undecided about the safety of BPA, pretty much everyone who has tested BPA has found it harmful or at the very least, not desirable. There is a way of making can linings that are BPA free, so why isn't everyone making cans that are BPA free?

Anyone living in Michigan, or the surrounding states, know about Meijer. Meijer is a big step up from Walmart; they treat their employees pretty well, almost every Meijer I have been in has been clean and well organized, the produce is fresh and there are a lot of options for a shopper to choose from. I am even impressed at how my local Meijer has slowly but surely expanded its organic selection and now offers a pretty great organic line of their own.

What I am disappointed about is the fact that my local Meijer used to carry Eden Foods products and has since taken them off the shelf. I am left with no BPA free canned good options. This might be understandable if we were in any other state, but here in Michigan we have an excellent company that I would presume to be more than willing to put a whole line of BPA free options on the shelves. Not only would this give shoppers a choice if they want to pay a few extra cents, it would also support another Michigan based company and Michigan jobs.

Here is the Meijer contact page:

And here is a quick message you can send so Meijer is aware that its customers are concerned about BPA in their products:
As a concerned shopper, I insist upon a BPA-free alternative for canned good linings. Let your shoppers make their own choice; provide a BPA-free brand on all Meijer shelves. Thank you.
  Even just 10 messages in one day will raise awareness about the need for BPA free products, and it will only take 1 minute of your time.


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