Monday, March 5, 2012

Why your dollar is so powerful

Complaining makes us feel better about our actions. By saying, "Yeh, sure, I really hate that most restaurants or grocery stores don't care more about where their meat comes from," we are letting those around us know we're aware of it. After all we're not neanderthals. By verbalizing our complaint we are left feeling as though those around us have more respect for us because we would buy better meat if they offered better meat, but in the meantime we will continue to eat what they offer if we have to.

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So lets think of the scenario where everyone stops buying meat from companies that don't care about the quality of the animals life that they are offering. This includes restaurants, fast food and grocery stores. All of a sudden there is panic amongst shareholders and CEO's. The message is sent loud and clear that the customers are demanding a change. The message was not even a word spoken, it was simply the absence of that $10 bill you usually spend on lunch or dinner. Fact: Without paying customers the business will die.

Lets think of the scenario where everyone continues to buy meat and either complains under their breathe or doesn't take notice at all, much like what many of us are doing now. The company receives the message that the customer is ok with how the business is being run since they are steadily selling their product. You obviously would not support purchasing a laptop that has never and will never work correctly or meet your needs, so why are you buying meat that does not meet your moral standards in life and would otherwise be an unacceptable product?

It is not just fast food that is selling cheap meat. It's your local grocery store that is offering chicken on sale for .99 cents a pound and you think this is such a great deal that you stock up your freezer and brag to your mom. It's your favorite restaurant chain offering rib bites as their featured appetizer and slow cooked ribs for some quirky 2/$20 date night special. The point is if you do not ask where the meat came from that you're happily guzzling down with your favorite 16oz Bud Light on tap, then you're likely eating something that was once living in unsanitary and unacceptable conditions, fed a steady diet of antibiotics and GMO corn and never once saw the light of day. Swallow that little bit of info down with your watered beer choice.

You can start by asking. And then place your vote with your dollar. You will be amazed how much power you actually have to change this.


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