Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 "ain't easy" ways to live the simple life

    I love reading blogs that feature the sexy farmer wanna-be living in Manhattan with chickens in her backyard living the high life in their $3,500 designer coop. The sexy farmer is always wearing patterned rubber rain boots on dry days, pretty yellow sun dresses with the perfect matching cardigan and her Urban Outfitter's straw hat that fits perfectly over her slightly tousled blond curls: who the hell is this person?
    Sustainability is bringing sexy back. I'm here to say, like most things in life, it ain't easy; its a conscious daily effort to make choices that will help you live a better life. Here are ten ways to get your sexy on via sustainability and moving toward living a simple life.
  • Re-usable water container. As if it's not obvious by now.
    Life Factory
    makes water trendy (or iced tea, soda, margaritas...)
  • Canvas bags are a must. Pick a few up the next time you're at Whole Foods, but this time remember to reuse them.
  • Stop calling it 'vegetarian' and just cut out the meat a few days a week. It's less intimidating when you remove the label. You would be surprised the carbon footprint that package of hamburger boasts.
  • Locavore. It's not only fun to say, it also makes a lot of sense. Buying food produced locally is not only fresher, better-tasting and more nutritious it also helps support local farmers and small business in your area.
  • Rain barrels don't have to be unsightly and they are practical for watering outdoor plants and gardens. This is one good looking and affordable option.
  • Walk. It will get that rear looking great, save you some money in fuel and bring you one step (pun intended) closer to living the simple life. Biking is also a fantastic option; just get moving, and make plans to drive less when possible.
  • Gardening is a cure all: Helps relieve stress, provides fruits and vegetables superior to most supermarket options, saves money and makes for a great conversation! If you're new to gardening start small; porch tomatoes and salad containers are fun and easy to maintain.
  • Get chickens. Sound scary? You're tellin me. But chickens provide the best fertilizer for your garden, eat bugs in your yard and produce eggs on almost a daily basis and they are actually low maintenance and easy to care for. You will be surprised how many cities allow backyard chickens. I'm planning on buying 7 this week for myself, stay tuned.
  • Composting. That pile of stench in your backyard will be black gold. When properly maintained most compost piles don't smell that bad. Composting limits your contribution to ever growing landfills and turns scraps and yard waste in organic fertilizer for your garden. Don't worry, you can still look stylish while doing it.
  • Non-toxic cleaners. Using borax, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice can really go a long way. Antibacterial and harsh cleaners are not necessary for a clean home. When choosing cleaning products, make sure they say "petroleum-free," "biodegradable," "phosphate-free," "VOC-free," and "solvent-free."
You may not end up the sexy Manhattan farmer and falling off the sustainable/simple life wagon is often shameful in your new group of judgmental super Eco-conscious Terra Plana wearing friends . But who cares? This way of life just feels better, so jump back on...