The 19 year old version of me would definitely beat up the more current 'late twenties'  thirty-something version of me.
Lately I want things like chickens, pigs and a garden. I enjoy Bed Bath and Beyond on a Saturday morning... If I have time.
Sleep deprivation now comes from a demanding one year old, not amphetamines and  pub crawls.

Yet, I feel more comfortable in this version of me. I feel like I'm doing things right; I attempt to make choices that not only better myself, but better the earth I live on and the people I care about.

However, this 'simple' sustainable life is not as easy as I thought it would be. Immature, selfish and irresponsible decisions backed by an unregulated amount of caffeine were much more fun. The once fashionable version of myself is continually attempting to break free, hit the nearest mall and go on a spending spree for shoes I absolutely do not need yet spend an inappropriate porn addiction level of time dreaming about and pairing with Seven For All Mankind's latest skinny denim and that super cute blazer I've been eye-balling at J Crew. Instead, I spend my hard earned dollars few extra bucks on lumber for a chicken coop knowing this decision will yield the greatest return for the amount spent. So lame, yet smart and rewarding.

No we don't live in that trailer.
We had guests over and it was our 'campground' for the weekend
My husband and I have both come to the same realization in life: It's better to live simply and work less, than work too hard and miss out on the joys of life. Coming to this was easy, living within your means and becoming more sustainable definitely takes some discipline. Yes, I want that beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home on 5 acres with a Pottery Barn interior and matching new SUV's in the driveway - yet we choose to live in a older 3 bedroom ranch on 2+ acres we bought for a killer deal as a foreclosure and most of the walls are yet to be painted and remain bare with scratched wooden floors, yellow stained country wallpaper in the kitchen, missing closet doors and the most dreadful color purple in our bedroom. The positive side to this lifestyle? My husband is able to stay home to make sure our daughter is taught well, our marriage is solid because we aren't both stressed about the long hours at the office, we are able to take vacations together and plan weekend's together without 'overtime' getting in the way. We are truly enjoying life, and no posh Manhattan loft, closet of Jimmy Choos or BMW X5 would be worth the trade.